In Medieval workshops, the apprentice who wished to join one of the Arts and Crafts Guilds was expected to submit his “CAPOD 'OPERA” (work of art).
In other words, he had to prove, through a particularly precise and accurate piece of work, that he had acquired a remarkable store of skills, knowledge and credibility. In the same spirit, Capod’opera meets this challenge every day by creating top-level products offering amazing aesthetic quality and functionality.
It is with the same spirit that Capod’opera tests itself every day with projects of the highest qualitative level, projects that are truly surprising for aesthetics and functionality.
Confirmation that the company is unique and original is in the fact that all pieces of furniture can be personalized by selecting from the innumerable textures, colours and finishes of the rich "Surfaces collection".
From 3D effects to natural or geometric motifs, through to gold, silver and bronze leaf and with cladding by means of resin castings, incisions on wood but also on Corian® material.
Many steps of the manual crafting, as well as all those relative to the decoration, are the expression of a supreme custom-made production conceived, and above all, excellently implemented, which absolutely borders on the definition of a work of art.

Top brand furniture.

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